Collection Mirror Tool

When this option is selected, additional parameters will appear which you can use to get the result you require.

Additionally, the behavior of this tool can be influenced to tweak the results if issues arise, this is done by tagging object names:

  • _ITASC - Use when rig has an IK chain while using itasc ik solver
  • _RST - Use when posebone child of constraints must be set to inverse after mirror operation (if the mirror operation failed on a specific armature, go to pose mode, find a child of constraint and hit set inverse, if this fixes it, you should use this tag)
  • _OBLCL - Mirror every child of this armature. May require that rotations are applied
  • _LCL - Use to mirror this object locally

The order of these tags does not matter! The first 3 tags only work on armatures.