Pistonpusher documentation

This is the pistonpusher documentation landing page. It also serves as an introduction.

What is pistonpusher

Pistonpusher is an add-on dedicated to pistons and actuators. It comes with both assets and various tools to model, rig and place them. The pistons are modular and can easily be changed or replaced. In certain cases it will also simplify your rigs.


  • Pistons can exist out of any number of objects
  • Stretchable piston rigs
  • Telescopic pistons
  • Easy to change, replace or remove
  • Flexible and modular of nature
  • Asset browser compatible
  • Customizable cardan/universal joint rigs
  • Hose attachment points
  • Mirror armatures/collections


This add-on tries to prevent some repetitive tasks and reduce the overhead and planning required to model and rig mechanical objects more efficiently. I think it can be useful for anyone who makes vehicles and mechanical objects in blenders.

What can it not do?

Pistonpusher is a dedicated solution for pistons/actuators. It’s not a general purpose rigging kit.