Other add-ons

Any incompatibilities or otherwise interesting tids and bits can be found here.

Hard Ops

You may want to re-configure auto-sort! Otherwise, there are no incompatibilities of any kind. One eyebrow raising experience might be that trying to bevel a piston part, after it got moved, will result in a good shake up of your model. So, before you add an armature to your piston, it’s really best practice to ensure all parts have their rotation and scale applied. Then you can safely bevel.

Decal Machine/Mesh Machine

Decal Machine also has configurable defaults. You can configure to which collection decals are added to, which may save some time during clean up. Note that you essentially can use Decal Machine as you see fit, be sure to either clean up stashes once your piston is done. Any stashes left in the file will be appended as well so these should be removed.

I highly recommend using slice decals!


Pretty much a must-have, has a free version too! Its 'apply' feature especially can be useful to preserve bevel widths while applying scale. Its Groups system is also great.