Track to (and apply)

Similar to adding track to constraints and applying them, this tool can do it without using constraints.

Radial array

This tool can be used to align two objects. You can specify a track and up axis in the re-do panel.

It can be used to align empties for the snap modal if you enable the 'flip one side' option, provided you align them along the 'Y' or '-Y' axis ofcourse:

Radial array

As of pistonpusher version 3.4.3

WAT mode was added.

To use WAT, you simply select a third object. This third object should be the active object for it to work properly.

WAT, simply put, makes the track to operator useful in situations where the pre-defined UP axis is not desired. It's probably only useful to place pistons for pistonpusher because it can only rotate objects around their local y axis.

It uses vector math to calculate the angle between two axes, one axis of the tracked objects and another of the active object. This works because the (local) X and Z axis of the tracked objects already have the correct orientation after they've been aimed at eachother.

Multiple combinations of match 'axis' with ' axis' can work for a given situation. I recommend using the combination with the smallest difference.

Video shows tool state of initial release

The following image will show the same operation, not using WAT. The blue annotations indicate what happens when WAT is used.

Radial array

As of pistonpusher version 3.4.4
The tool can place empties, toggle WAT on/off, deselect the active object and inherit parent relationships of the selected targets. Child of constraints will work as well.