Create a/To piston

This tool creates a piston like object out of objects. If you use it on a cylinder, it will assume the length and radius of that cylinder. It can also spawn one at world origin.

In- and extrusions can be added and even randomized(raise random seed value above 0). The influence values are essentially multipliers that increase the effect.

Create a/To piston v2


Since pistonpusher version 2.9, there is support for mounts. Combined with presets, you can now save your favourite creations or quickly get a simple piston set up for the custom creation mode(Enable 'For create?', do not enter the creation mode with mounts enabled! Please add mounts through their intended system in that case as that ensures collections are handled properly, which this tool currently doesn't!).

Note: Mounts and additionally bevels have the potential to make the tool slow, it all depends on the mount and settings. If trying to use a preset when the tool was already used you may have to revert to defaults first. Lastly, You can spawn preset pistons at locations defined by the object that is selected but presets do not inherit dimensions.